Indulge Yourself with the Gems of Nature

The fresh bloom of a flower is one of the most irresistible sights to behold: its brilliant color, delicate petals, and striking natural architecture all remind us just how splendid Mother Nature can be. What if, though, that momentary breathtaking beauty could be maintained for a lifetime?

In nature, those blossoms fade, but the jewelry artists of BeeJoo Store have uncovered a way to allow these flowers to flourish forever in striking fresh flower necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that encase each bud in lightweight glass. Inspired by various flora to create these tiny time capsules of nature’s wonder, BeeJoo’s dried flower and press flower jewelry gifts the wearer a bit of nature’s beauty in bloom every day of the year.

All of BeeJoo’s pressed flower jewelry is crafted by hand using the best of natural elements, from freshly blooming rosebuds to singular spears of dandelion seeds that come to life in their crystal clear capsule. Even more striking about this beautiful women’s jewelry is their incredible individuality. So many pieces of women’s jewelry feature the same gemstones that one could be forgiven in mistaking one diamond for another. Each piece conjured by BeeJoo, though, is unique. No two blossoms are identical, and no two flower pendants or bracelets will be the same.

As a result, those who indulge in a BeeJoo piece of fresh flower jewelry can do so knowing they’ve invested in a piece unlike any other. These lucky ladies can easily become captivated by closely examining their flowers forever frozen in time to observe their subtle variations in color or shape. Diving into this dried flower jewelry is like transporting oneself to a meadow of magnificent flowers in which you can be at one with yourself and with nature. The BeeJoo team firmly believes in the role that a healthy mind plays in our overall sense of wellbeing, so we invite you to take a moment for mindfulness through the captivating qualities of your press flower jewelry.

BeeJoo takes great pride in each of its creations and wants to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. We are always happy to speak with clients about their pressed flower jewelry and can also make recommendations of some of our pieces for presents or gifts. Let us bring some of nature into your life with our pressed flower jewelry – contact us today.