What do galaxies and jewelry have in common?

Did you ever lie on the grass, facing the sky, in a mid-august summer night? Just a few things compare with the feeling of warm wind embracing your shoulders while cherishing a beautiful starry night.

The vastness of the celestial sky cannot be contained, but what if you could carry everywhere a tiny part of its beauty? Maybe you wait for the bus or stay in line at the pharmacy, but a look at the Drop of Galaxy necklace might remind you how important you are in this bigger fascinating mechanism called Universe, that we know very little about.

Also, did you know that the four smaller inner planets in the Solar System, also known as the “terrestrial planets” (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), are primarily composed of rock and metal? If you look at them on a map of the Solar System, they look exactly like beads on a chain, or like the Little Planetarium necklace. We would definitely combine it with a midnight-blue dress and discrete ivory earrings.

In response to that question, we think jewelry and galaxies have in common a certain feeling they evoke: deep admiration for mysterious beauty and charm. Scroll on our website and find more universe-inspired pieces (galaxy necklaces, galaxy earrings, and rings) that would make perfect gifts for people passionate about quasars, stars, dark matter, planets, and other-worldly elements.